Art Professor’s Work on View in NCAC Fellowship Exhibition

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Works by Assistant Professor of Art Thomas Schmidt are on display at Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC, as part of the North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship 2017 Award Exhibition. The exhibition features work by 17 artists from across North Carolina who received fellowship grants last year.

Schmidt’s mixed-media ceramic works, Modular Vase Series and Sampled Space Series, were created using a combination of digital design/fabrication and traditional craft techniques in a process that travels back and forth between virtual and physical worlds.

“In a time when experience is increasingly simulated or viewed through glass screens, there often exists a degree of skepticism around the role of technology in our daily lives,” he writes in an artist statement. “My work attempts to embrace and integrate the analog and digital means of exploring the visual and tactile world. From digitally modeled vases to crumpled porcelain tile, I draw upon digital fabrication and the hand, installation art and architecture, to orchestrate and capture a variety of material moments for the viewer to experience and unfold.”

The exhibition is on view at the Cameron Art Museum through August 5.

    Sampled Spaces Series
                       Sampled Spaces Series, 2018
                       cast porcelain and graphite