The Rowe Arts Building, home to the Department of Art & Art History, offers a variety of studio spaces for all concentrations, including a dark room, fabrication lab, 3D studio, and more. The space also has a performance space, Rowe Recital Hall, which hosts various student and faculty performances throughout the year.
Additionally, Rowe Arts houses three primary exhibition spaces: the Rowe Lower Gallery, Upper Gallery, and Side Gallery. Exhibitions feature the work of regional, national, and international visiting artists, as well as work by students and faculty from the Department of Art & Art History. Receive emails about upcoming exhibitions.

our facility includes:

Rowe 3D Studio – The Rowe 3D Studio offers students and faculty of the Department of Art + Art History indoor and outdoor facilities for woodworking, metalworking, stone carving, and metal casting. It is the mission of the 3D Studio to foster an environment that supports a multi-disciplinary investigation of traditional object-making techniques, and experimentation with materials and methods. The 3D Studio provides access to a wide range of tools and equipment, space to explore ideas, knowledgeable staff, and an inclusive environment that encourages dialog and collaboration across disciplines.

Students and faculty from all disciplines in the department are welcome to use the Rowe 3D Studio. A studio safety orientation is required for all users, during this orientation, general studio policies are discussed, and instruction is given for much of the available equipment in our woodshop. Further instruction is provided for equipment and tools not covered during orientation as requested. Safety orientations are offered several times through the first month of the Fall and Spring semesters. Studio hours change each semester, current hours are posted on the studio doors. Be sure to review the safety manual before entering the space. 

3D Studio Capabilities: Woodworking. Metal forming and welding, Bronze and Aluminum casting, Stone carving, Concrete working, Mold-making and cold casting, and Clay modeling. 

sculpture studio

Ceramics Studio

ceramics studio

Rowe Digital Fabrication Lab (RoFL) – RoFL is a multi-disciplinary studio located in room 124 of the Rowe Arts Building.  At RoFL, students and faculty of the College of Art + Architecture can translate digital ideas to physical objects.  The lab offers 3D printing, laser processing, CNC machining, and 3D scanning capabilities. This resource keeps UNCC students and faculty up-to-date with current practices in contemporary art while exploring the role that new technologies can have when paired with traditional methods.

RoFL hours vary by semester, current hours are posted on the lab doors. Safety training is required prior to use of the lab, training sessions are offered multiple times through the first month of the Fall and Spring semesters. Sign-up sheets are posted outside the lab. Be sure to review the safety manual before entering the space 

Lab Capabilities: FFF 3D printing (8 machines of varying sizes and capabilities); SLA 3D printing (2 Form1+ machines); Clay 3D printing (1 delta style printer); Laser Processing ( 1 60watt CO2 laser); CNC Machining (mill and router); CNC Embroidery (1 Brother embroidery/sewing machine); 3D Scanning (handheld and fixed scanning with color). Equipment reservations may be made through Teamup.com.


Photography Studio/ Dark Room –

dark room

Print Media Lab

print media

Painting Studio

painting studio

Print Studio – 

print lab

Rowe Recital Hall – Rowe Recital Hall is located in the Rowe Arts building and is the home of the Department of Music's Faculty & Friends Concert Series and select student performance.