Technology & Resources

The CoA+A is committed to keeping you connected and equipped with the right tools essential for your educational success in an ever-evolving digital landscape. We provide cutting-edge resources and constant IT support to ensure every faculty member, staff, and student has the technological foundation they need to thrive.

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Information for current faculty, staff, and students:

Check back often for updates.

Laptop requirement for new students:

Be properly prepared with the technology needed for your college career.

  • We have a laptop requirement for all incoming students. Your own laptop will allow you to access the tools needed in your coursework this semester and throughout your degree program.
  • You may bring a laptop you already have or purchase one from any vendor. Explore the laptop bundles through NinerTech.
  • The School of Architecture and Digital arts majors have their own specific requirements.

IT Support

We’re here to help with your IT questions!

Whether you are a prospective or current student, faculty, or staff, there are several support options for IT assistance. Our team of experts in the Office of OneIT aims to deliver you the best possible services, helping manage access to and support for core campus technologies, including wired and wireless networks, computers, software, telephones, and more.

Contact the OneIT Service Desk