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We offer several scholarships to incoming and continuing students based on artistic and academic merit as evaluated through auditions and portfolio reviews.  All applicants can apply for Theatre scholarships through Niner Scholars. Students must submit application materials, including an essay and resume, and incoming students (both freshmen and transfers) will be interviewed in the spring. Students are welcome and encouraged to reapply each year.

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New Student Scholarships (amounts ranging from $500-$2,000)

New students, both incoming freshmen and new transfer students, may apply for these scholarships. Applications are available via the NinerScholar Scholarship Portal.

These scholarships are merit-based, with some consideration given to need, and include the following requirements:

  • Acceptance and enrollment at UNC Charlotte.
  • A declared major in Theatre or Theatre Education.
  • A high school or transfer GPA of 3.2 or higher.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Completed scholarship application through Niner Scholar.
  • Participate in an audition or a portfolio review (depending on student’s area of interest) and an interview with department faculty.
Continuing Student Scholarships (amounts ranging from $500-$2,000)

Merit is defined as being a good citizen of the program, the college and the University, as well as ability within your area of exploration within the program. In addition, students must:

  • Maintain full-time enrollment in the Theatre or Theatre Education major at UNC Charlotte.
  • Maintain a minimum overall and departmental GPA of 3.2.
  • Participate in a faculty interview to discuss the student’s growth over the past year and plans for the upcoming scholarship year.
Ira Yarmolenko Scholarship (amount ranging from $1000-$2,000)

This scholarship is awarded by faculty each year to a current/continuing Theatre major who embodies the spirit of our former student, Ira Yarmolenko – positive, energetic, and always with a need to see the best in the world.

All awards are delivered in equal installments for two semesters (Fall and Spring of a single academic year), unless there are extenuating circumstances (such as a student graduating in December).

Every scholarship recipient is expected to:

  • Maintain full-time enrollment as a Theatre or Theatre Education Major at UNC Charlotte.
  • Maintain an overall and departmental GPA of 3.2 or higher.
  • Have an active presence in the department, especially within a student’s area(s) of interest. This may include performance, design, dramaturgy, directing, and production work.
  • Give a number of hours of service to help with department events and activities. (These may include such events as recruiting days, Scholarship Day, prospective student tours, guest artist residencies, etc.)
  • Attendance at the yearly Scholarship Dinner (typically the first week of May).

A meeting will be held at the beginning of each scholarship year or term to discuss opportunities for fulfilling this requirement. The scholarship coordinator will work with students to find projects and hours compatible with their schedules. Neglecting this duty may result in the student being ineligible for department scholarships in the future.

In addition to departmental scholarships, the University offers a comprehensive program of student financial aid – scholarships, grants, loans, and part-time employment – to assist students in meeting educational expenses. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 704‑687‑2461.


“Receiving a scholarship has allowed me to focus on the work I came here to do, rather than constantly worrying about whether or not I’ll be able to afford my classes… It has also lessened the money burden my parents had placed on them from me attending college. This is something that’s dear to me because it means there’s more room for my three little brothers to be covered for their own college/career journeys.”

ZiYonna Brown
BA in Theatre and a Minor in Psychology

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Donor support provides invaluable scholarship opportunities to our students. Learn how you can support theatre scholarships, or email Director of Development, Leslie Antoniel.

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Please contact theatre professor David Filmore to arrange an appointment time and any questions about departmental scholarships.