The David R. Ravin School of Architecture offers multiple scholarship opportunities.

To apply for scholarships, students must make an account and log in to the Niner Scholars Portal at The system will automatically match you with awards based on your personal information. Applications are due each spring for awards that will pay the following academic year. We highly recommend applying for all possible awards!


UNC Charlotte Architecture Scholarships

AIA Charlotte Scholarship

AIA NC Eastern Section Scholarship

AIA Traveling Fellowship

Architecture Student Scholarship

BB&M Scholarship in Practice

Bagby Lighting 2018 Endowed Scholarship

Boardman Architecture Honor Scholarship

David Franklin Scholarship 

Frederick J. Gregory Scholarship

J.N. Pease, Jr. Scholarship

HDR Inc. Endowed Scholarship in Architecture

ICAA Summer Architecture Program Scholarship

Lambla Endowed Scholarship

Leonard J. Vogel Jr. Scholarship for Architectural Design

Liz Hair Endowed Scholarship for Architecture

LS3P School of Architecture Scholarship

Martin Limberg Endowed Scholarship 

McCulloch England Architects Scholarship

Randy Beavers Memorial Scholarship 

S. Scott Ferebee, Jr. FAIA Endowed Scholarship

Sheida Hosseinzadeh Memorial Scholarship

Shook Kelley Design Scholarship 

SoA/AIAS Scholarship 

SoA Alumni Scholarship

SoA Digital Design Scholarship

SoA Rome Semester Abroad Scholarship

SoA Staff & Faculty Scholarship 

SoA Summer Study Abroad Scholarship

Stantec Diversity Scholarship in Practice

Theron E. Giles Endowed Honor Fellowship