On the Spot: Invention and Creativity through Dance Improvisation

dancers in all black
November 8, 2023 - 12:00 PM
Halton Reading Room

Atkins Library presents this "Atkins Out Loud" program featuring dance students of Dr. Marissa Nesbit in improvised and interactive performance.

While many dances that you see on stage or screen have been tightly choreographed, improvisational dance asks artists to generate and compose their movements on the spot. Using movement scores, or sets of instructions, dancers challenge their creativity and learn to invent as they go, resulting in surprising, challenging, and creative choices. UNC Charlotte dance students, accompanied by Director of Music Shamou, will present a series of improvised dances and give audiences a peek behind the scenes at the scores that prompted their creation. Then, they will work with input from the audiences to generate new scores and perform invented dances on the spot. Join us to learn how dance artists engage in creativity and problem solving through improvisation.

This event is FREE.