Reception: Erratic Accretion

collage art
March 14, 2024 - 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Lambla Gallery

Milwaukee-based artist Nicole Shaver is fascinated by the intersection of art and science, specifically Geology. This exhibition is a compelling exploration that delves deep into the intricate interplay between art, science, and the localized geological heritage. At its core lies the inclusion of UNC Charlotte's geology collection, a treasure typically concealed from public view, much like the concealed core material of our Earth, the metaphorical backbone of our universe. In Erratic Accretion, we embark on a visual journey that combines a dynamic fusion of artistic elements, including the masterful use of India ink drawings, redacted field guides, collaged textbooks, and altered photographs. These elements become a critical lens through which we scrutinize how information is shared and how it shapes our perceptions of truth. By presenting the University's hidden geology collection and shedding light on the influence of trusted materials and sources, this exhibition invites viewers to participate in a broader discourse at the crossroads of art, science, and the preservation of knowledge. It advocates for a more inclusive and open approach to knowledge dissemination, prompting us to question who possesses the authority to define what is true and ultimately influencing our collective understanding of science and the Earth's history.