Wednesday, February 22, 2023
sam at desk

Sam Pomerantz, BA in Theatre Performance with a Certificate in Musical Theatre, just started a new job at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center as a Customer Service Representative! ⁠

"What drew me to the job was how prominent and important the Blumenthal is to the Charlotte area," says Sam. "I visited Blumenthal growing up and always had an incredible experience. I wanted to be a part of their artistic environment and help create good experiences for their patrons."⁠

"My favorite role so far is working the box offices at their venues," he continues. "Not only will I get to interact with so many different people, but I’ll be able to experience their variety of events, like Broadway shows, local resident companies, and concerts."⁠

calvinCalvin Coleman, BA in Dance, accepted a full-time position as the Dance Teacher at Sedgefield Middle School!

"My responsibilities in my new position will be to expose students to a new creative outlet – new experiences, dance styles, and skills that can be used in their lives," he shares.

Calvin continues, "I am most excited to decorate my classroom. I have a bunch of ideas for the studio. I am also excited to create a curriculum trying to figure out the best way to shape my classroom."

"The UNC Charlotte Dance Department helped me find this passion and led me into a whole new world with amazing people. I have to give thanks to my professors for helping me, pushing me, and keeping me motivated. Shoutout to Professor Nesbit for being so helpful and preparing me for student teaching and the EDTPA. If I could, I could write a paragraph on each professor I've had," he says. 

sonjaSonja Langford, BA in Art History, is headed to grad school to get her Master's in Fine Arts in Studio Arts at the University of Connecticut!

"UConn's MFA program has an intensive, multidisciplinary approach to the development of work in a wide range of art media, she shares. "Coursework will include art criticism, theory, and history to provide a context of ideas for developing students’ visions alongside studio classes." 

Sonja said she applied to graduate school because she believed that she had reached a point at which her formal and epistemic questions require rigorous feedback from challenging new voices.

"My desire is to experiment with my ideas within the medium of photography in order to develop a professional practice that will enable me to have a future as a photographer with a rich research agenda and artistic career," she explains. "I am looking forward to being able to do just that at UConn on a rural and quiet campus with easy access to Boston and NYC galleries and museums."

She continues, "As a non-traditional student who came to UNC Charlotte with a pre-existing art practice, I decided to pursue a degree in Art History with minors in Outdoor Adventure Education and Southern Studies. My major helped me stand out in applications to MFA programs and my minors provided me with supplemental research opportunities which I will continue to use in my art practice and future educational opportunities. I greatly appreciate the faculty who helped me along my journey, challenging me to further develop my thoughts and ideas, including Ann Klutz and Dr. Emerling."

quintonQuinton Frederick, BA in Architecture, is headed to California to earn his Master of Architecture at UC Berkeley after graduation!⁠

"I'll be earning my masters in a fellowship program called the ARCUS Social Justice Corps for architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning students who intend to do social justice work after graduating," he shares.⁠

"It seems like architects' services are the least accessible to the people who most need them," he explains. "I hope to focus on affordable housing and sustainable design at Berkeley and someday work for a firm specializing in those areas. I'm also excited to see the West Coast and explore a new city." ⁠

He continues, "UNC Charlotte gave me an excellent design foundation and unique learning opportunities that have prepared me for this next step. I've met great friends and faculty mentors in the last four years that I will miss getting to see every day!"⁠

alexandriaAlexandra Fitzgerald, BM in Music Performance, is headed to the University of Maryland to earn her Master of Music in Violin Performance!⁠

"I hope to perform professionally both at home and abroad, especially in Spanish-speaking countries," she shares. "I am most excited about the multitude of performance opportunities in D.C. and Baltimore. On a less serious note, I am excited to eat Maryland crab!"⁠

She continues, "My violin professor, David Russell, and my mentor, Jacqueline Yost, pushed me to my limits and always encouraged me to never accept any less than my best work."⁠

"My Master of Arts thesis committee helped me to grow astronomically as a researcher and a writer. This has prepared me for the rigor of the master of music curriculum. In addition, the several on-campus and off-campus performance opportunities granted to me by David Russell, Alan Yamamoto, Ginger Wyrick, Jason Dungee, Fred Spano, Peter deVries, Jacqueline Yost, Mira Frisch, and Brian Arreola have prepared me to work successfully with both fellow students and professionals."⁠

angeliAngeli Novio, BA in Theatre with a Concentration in Design & Tech, is working on costume designs for multiple local professional theatre organizations!

"I am currently wrapping up working on Children's Theatre of Charlotte's OnStage program," she shares. "This program allows students K-12 to experience acting in a professional theatre. As a costume designer for one of the shows, "The Big Magic," I have been busy sharing my ideas, making and altering costumes, and holding fittings for the cast of 30 kids!" 

She continues, "Later this summer, I will be working at Theatre Charlotte on a couple of productions for their Jr. programs. Similar to Children's Theatre, this program immerses students in the professional musical theatre environment. I will be the design assistant on "Prom" for the first part of the program where I will be helping pull,  build, and style costumes according to her designs. In the second half, I will be a costume/props coordinator, designing costumes and props for the showcase "Pure Imagination."

Angeli says she is most excited about working with new and old faces in Charlotte's professional theatre community. "A lot of my classmates and professors work in these spaces. It's good to know how tight-knit the community is and how I will keep my college connections for a long time."

"The theatre department has been so generous to me with opportunities to grow as a designer and as an artist. My professors have always provided me with design projects that pushed my creative boundaries. While working on productions and while completing classwork, my professors always treated me as an equal, just as a professional theatre world. I am forever grateful for their patience and mentorship!" she shares.


Tabitha Baker, BA in Dance Education, is the dance teacher at Crestdale Middle School in CMS!⁠
"My responsibilities in this position center around teaching two classes of each grade level, for a total of six classes, including an honors course for 8th grade," she shares. "The Honors class performs in a concert at the end of the semester, showcasing what they have worked on throughout our course. I also run the Meditation/Yoga Club." ⁠

She said that she is most excited to bring dance to students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience it. "My students get a wide range of dance techniques, composition, and history. My goal is for students to leave my class feeling empowered, motivated, and determined to put in the work to reach their goals," she continues. ⁠

"My experience at UNC Charlotte and my time in the Dance Department helped prepare me for this position greatly. My dance education mentor, Dr. Marissa Nesbit, created space for us to learn to teach concepts beyond just dance technique, something that can be challenging for those of us that grew up in dance studios. Dr. Nesbit truly guided and encouraged us to create inclusive classrooms in which students are able to realize their full potential. I will always be grateful for her, the rest of the Dance faculty, and my peers that were with me throughout that journey."⁠

sonjaPolly Bratyanski, BFA in Art Education has accepted a full-time position as the art teacher at North Gaston High School! 

"I plan to bring the significance of ceramics, printmaking, and sculpture to the youth at the school," she shares. "I’ll have beginners to seniors getting their portfolios ready to submit to their colleges of choice!"⁠

She continues, "I’m most excited about being the teacher that I never had in my high school art class. When I was in high school, I was discouraged from doing art revolving around my mental health. I want to foster a safe space where my students can create with their feelings. I’m excited to advocate for my students, help students find the beginnings of their personal styles, and serve the student community through clubs leading and supporting other programs."⁠

"At UNC Charlotte, I had some great professors that emphasized bringing art outside of the Western gaze into the art room, prioritizing the mental health of my students through class meditations and mindful creative exercises, and being a team player for the health of the school," she says. ⁠

chiaChia Patterson, Master of Architecture, will start working full-time at Clark Nexsen after graduation!⁠

"As a full-time designer, I will be part of an amazing team collaborating on various architectural projects in all phases," she shares. "I will be designing sketches, models, graphics, and presentation materials, construction drawings, schedules, performing analysis, helping with design decisions, all the things."⁠

She says she is most excited to live out her passion for designing spaces, places, and tools that serve people and their everyday needs, utilizing her skill sets, and continually learning and developing. ⁠

"I’m ready to give my attention to working on the projects I’m a part of right now, which are all about community; Charlotte-Mecklenburg New Main Library and a communal residence hall on NC A&T’s campus. I’m excited and truly grateful to be finished with school after almost 8 straight years of college, it’s surreal!" she continues.⁠

"UNC Charlotte helped me hone my gift for story-telling in problem-solving programmatically, and to develop better presentation skills: learn new representational graphic tools, present my detail-oriented work in more digestible ways, and articulate my thoughts with confidence. ⁠

Here at Charlotte, I’ve increased my knowledge of resilient architectural practices which was my focus in undergrad, I’ve implemented bringing computational optimization tools into this equation. ⁠

I was also presented with the incredible opportunity to dual major, allowing me to understand and practice with emerging information technologies. I’ve improved immensely in my scripting, design, and project management skills in tech, and can apply principles between fields. I am appreciative that the two worlds can meet, and now I get to employ what I've gained here in my roles beyond school."⁠

zachZachary Voigt, BA in Music Performance, is headed to Northwestern University to earn his Master's in Music on a full scholarship this fall!

"My career goal is to one day sing at the New York Metropolitan Opera, and the program at Northwestern is the fast track to that!" he shares. "My new professor actually taught at Juilliard for 13 years, so I've been very excited to work with him." 

"Having been a student at 3 universities, I can say that UNC Charlotte is the quintessential modern university experience," he explains. "I've not only learned a lot in my degree track, but in other aspects of life too. I've made great friends here, met my fiancée here, trained here, etc."

"In essence, Charlotte has been the major turning point in my life, without which I wouldn't have even found out that I can sing. I actually accidentally registered for university chorale one semester, and that is when I found out I could sing and the faculty strongly encourage me to change my major," he continues.

"Becoming a music student at Charlotte was the single most important and transformative decision of my life. I'll be wearing my niner gear no matter where in the world I am. #ninernation"

milesMiles Thompson, BA in Theatre Education, is working in the Charlotte theatre community at Children's Theatre of Charlotte and more!⁠

"This summer, I’ll continue my work at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, which will be my third year with the company," he shares. "I’ll be a teaching artist and will direct/choreograph eight weeks of camps for varying ages! I’ll also begin work on another project with a different company that I can’t officially announce but am super excited for!"⁠

"Summer camp at Children's Theatre is one of those long but fulfilling experiences that I always find myself enjoying, and this is my first summer as a full TA," he continues. "The kids that we get to work with are incredibly inspiring and talented, so watching them get to experience the art form we love at such a young age is always a blast. "

"UNC Charlotte has prepared me in so many ways for the work I’m doing this summer," he explains. "As someone who changed degree concentrations way too many times, I was able to get a lot of focused work in the fields of education, directing, and performance. The professors and curriculum really allowed me to build a strong skill set that I find myself applying daily to my job. The continued mentorship I have received has also been essential in establishing a confident understanding of myself as an artist and educator, and I am forever grateful to the Department of Theatre for helping me build that."

headshotKelsey McGoldrick, BFA in Graphic Design, is the Graphic Designer at Burn Boot Camp here in Charlotte! 

"Burn Boot Camp is a fitness franchise that works to build confidence in women and their families, primarily focusing on mothers," she explains. "I initially decided to apply there because my mom has been a member since 2015, and I have seen how much her confidence and strength have developed over these years."⁠

"In my position, I am in charge of communicating with franchise partners all over the country for their custom design needs, like social graphics, printed graphics, and retail," she explains. "I also create social graphics for the main Burn Boot Camp socials for holidays, announcements, etc. Currently, we have a big nutrition line announcement coming soon and I am getting to put my After Effects knowledge to the test by creating animated teasers for the launch."⁠

She says she absolutely loves getting to work with an amazing team dedicated to making Burn an all-accepting and empowering gym for everyone. "As we continue to uphold and improve the brand, Burn's main focus is and always will be, people first. Being able to improve and progress my design skills for a company I believe in has been a dream come true," she explains.⁠

"Thanks to UNC Charlotte, I have felt extremely prepared to add to Burn creatively. Charlotte has given me not only the technical skills, but the communicative skills to best accomplish my responsibilities," she continues. "I have realized with these past three months of working, how important it is to have open communication with your team in order to be successful. Overall, I feel so excited to be working for such a strong and empowering company and am so glad Charlotte was able to give me the skills to do so."⁠

headshotCarly Helms, BA in Theatre Performance, is moving to London after graduation to pursue an MFA in Classical Acting at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art!!⁠

"I enjoy conservatory-style training, so I am very excited about this program," she shares. "The first term covers Shakespeare’s Romantic language, and his English history plays. The second term hits Jacobean contemporaries and the Spanish Golden Age, and the final term is Comedy of Manners and 18th Century French Theatre. My final will be performing in a Shakespeare production. In my second year, I develop my thesis, in which I propose a re-presentation of a classical text." ⁠

Carly says she's always wanted to study in London and has desired to train classically for some time now. "I am most excited for all things Shakespeare and the Spanish Golden Age. I am also hoping to use my time in between terms to do some traveling."⁠

"CLT's theatre program has allowed me to discover my niche, while also dipping my toes into many aspects of theatre," she continues. "The musical theatre certificate program was another gem of the major. I was constantly stepping out of my comfort zone. This also provided me with the most opportunities to work with outside industry professionals. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, or better professors and directors. They have been there for me, and continue to be there for me as I enter this next chapter."⁠

"Recently, I had the honor of being a part of Angels in America with @qcconcerts. It was an incredible experience working with professional actors right after graduation. I witnessed some of the best acting I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe I got to share the stage with that cast. ⁠

Currently, my Mom, brother, and I are driving around the states, hitting several national parks. It’s easy to get sucked into trying to progress, especially when you’re passionate about your work. But we must slow down from time to time. My advice for fellow COA+A artists: use this time to explore, find what matters to you, and craft yourself from the inside out. In order to pour out your soul into your work, you must be actively filling it."

headshotLydia Chapman, Masters in Architecture, will start working full-time with ADW Architects in Charlotte after graduation! ⁠

"I will be working with ADW Architects as a project assistant," she shares. "This position will expose me to every phase of a project. I will be working with lots of different people in different positions to prepare for managing my own projects."⁠

Lydia said she is most looking forward to meeting her coworkers and learning from the architects around her. "I am especially looking forward to seeing projects that I work on be built and have an impact on my community," she explains. ⁠

"UNC Charlotte has provided a space to explore my creative passions through architecture," she continues. "The faculty has a variety of experience and interests, and that have been an extremely helpful resource as I discover my own interests. The School of Architecture creates opportunities for professional growth and networking, allowing me to easily transition into this new role."⁠

headshotBrandy Brown, BA in Dance Performance, was accepted into the Martha Graham School in NYC for their two-year training program with an Advanced Studies Certificate Concentration in Performance! 

The program includes classes in Graham technique, Graham repertory, ballet, contemporary, and more.

"I am most excited to join the Graham School's Advanced Studies Certificate Performance Track program for its opportunities for professional development," Brandy shares. "The program also gives you hands-on learning experience through performing and auditioning within and outside of the Graham school, training dancers to join companies following completion of the certificate." 

"I feel that Charlotte has given me the opportunity and resources to dive deep into my own personal interests and aspirations," Brandy continues. "The mentorship I was able to receive here from Professors like Kim Jones and Jennifer Byrd encouraged me to follow my own path, not just the obvious choices in front of me." 

"Charlotte also gave me the space and time to discover myself as an artist and human being, I would not be the person I am today had it not been for the teachers, fellow students, and the trials and tribulations I learned from at this school. The dance department and its community will always be my second home!"

headshotShyana Marvelle, BFA in Graphic Design, started a full-time graphic design position with VS America after graduation!

"My responsibilities include creating deliverables such as fliers, ads, invites, and catalogs," she shares. "We are also about to start working with VS headquarters in Germany to make a whole new website!"

Shyana says what she likes most about her job is being able to do something different every day and having the opportunity to be creative with such a fun company. "I enjoy being a part of the marketing team, collaborating, and learning from my amazing coworkers," she explains.

"I think Charlotte prepared me when it comes to time management as well as my design process," she continues. "Handling multiple projects at once can be confusing and overwhelming, but if you are organized and have those time management skills, it makes your job less stressful and sets you up for success."

headshotRamona Reinhart, Master in Architecture, has accepted a full-time position as an architectural designer with The RBA Group in Charlotte!

"I am going to work on multifamily, mixed-use, and hospitality projects and step in different projects within different phases throughout the architectural design and construction process," she shares.

"I chose this opportunity after a great experience during my summer internship in 2022. With RBA being a mid-sized architecture firm, I see a great opportunity to learn architecture project management in all its aspects from the first schematic design of a project until its finished construction. This is the most important first step towards the practice after the often very theoretical design work during education at university." 

Ramona says that after changing her career from studying business informatics and working for about 10 years in IT project management and audit, she was looking forward to being able to integrate creativity and design work in her job.

"I also see the opportunity to connect my strength in program and project organization with my passion for architecture," she shares.

"UNC Charlotte and the SoA faculty supported me after my bachelor studies in architecture and urban planning in Germany in learning different conceptual and design styles and a lot of new software skills," she remembers. 

"The education in Germany was a more traditional planning environment, thinking of a project in 2D sections and layouts whereas at UNC I could elevate my 3D and more organic design and render skills from the beginning on. Having a broad skill set and being able to approach design projects from different directions is an important basis to create well-rounded and innovative designs in a team."

headshotMackenzie Robson, BFA in Graphic Design, started a full-time position as a Graphic Designer for Krispy Kreme!

"Most of my day-to-day is spent being the lead designer in charge of email creative, brainstorming, creating, and ideating for LTO campaigns, collaborating with other designers and members of the marketing team to come up with new and innovative ideas, and creating digital assets for upcoming campaigns," she shares. ⁠

"I love coming to work every day because of the new and innovative products I work with, the passionate people that I am surrounded with, and the opportunity to do what I love every day – design!" she continues. ⁠

"When I first joined the Krispy Kreme team, I was a summer intern who had never been a part of corporate America," she explains. "I extended my internship through my final semester and was offered a full-time designer position after graduation. ⁠

I was overwhelmed with imposter syndrome, but I found solitude in speaking with my professors about the position I was in. Aside from all of the knowledge presented in the classroom, my professors are the reason I am in the position I am today. They taught me how to never be satisfied with what I was doing and to always try just one more thing. They taught me to push myself beyond what I was thinking. They taught me to be confident in what I was creating and to stand behind my ideas and designs. They taught me to design with a purpose. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for me and continue to do for their students. Go Niners!"⁠

headshotCoral Rembert, Master in Architecture, will start a full-time position as an architect at LS3P!

"I will be working in LS3P’s K-12 studio as an architect with responsibilities that include being a part of the design team for new/renovated elementary, middle, and high schools," she shares. 

"I will follow projects through SD, DD, and CDs along with providing CA services. I’ll take on a more design-based role within the studio and hope to provide clients with smooth and successful projects from begging to end!" she continues. 

Coral says she is most excited about beginning a new role as an architect! "I previously held a designer role in the studio I will be continuing with, so I am excited to further my knowledge and experience in all design phases and work closely with coworkers to create innovative designs and thorough construction document sets," she explains. 

"My experience at Charlotte has given me the necessary design knowledge needed for the work that I will be doing. I was in the IPAL program during my time here, which allowed me to work while in school. I feel that this work experience has prepared me for the types of responsibilities I will take on when I come back into the office!" she says. 

headshot(Special CoAA Moving On Edition) Lucas Flint, BA in Architecture '16 & Bachelor of Architecture '17 is heading to Harvard to earn his Master in Urban Planning! ⁠

"I’ll be attending the Harvard Graduate School of Design for a Master in Urban Planning," he shares. "Cambridge is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to move there this summer."⁠

He continues, “Attending the School of Architecture was one of the most formative experiences of my life to date. The knowledge and skillsets acquired from my studies have proven invaluable in measures that transcend the needs of the building industry, guiding my passion to realize that which has yet to be realized.”⁠