Dale A. Brentrup

Professor Emeritus of Architecture

Dale Brentrup is a graduate professor emeritus of architecture; retiring to Tucson, and home state of Arizona, after serving the North Carolina University System at UNC-Charlotte, College of Arts + Architecture, School of Architecture for 29 years.

He is a registered architect and founding director of the SoA Daylighting + Energy Performance Laboratory. As coordinator of the Integrated Design Research Labs he contributed to the research efforts of the Center for Sustainably Integrated Buildings and Sites (SIBS)- NSF|I/UCRC- Energy Power and Infrastructure Center (EPIC). In 2001 was named a Senior Research Fellow in the Infrastructure Design Environments and Sustainability (IDEAS) Center- Lee College of Engineering.

Professor Brentrup currently brings 45 years of extensive professional, academic and research experience in daylighting, energy simulation and sustainable design methods to the Tucson 2030 District Board of Directors focusing on district building energy/ water demand, resource mitigation and sustained performance metrics.