Virtual Gallery

From our Director of Galleries, Adam Justice:

In these uncertain times, there remains at least one guarantee: art does not stop in the face of adversity. History has repeatedly shown that crisis feeds our need for the arts and that disruptions in culture only lead to new and revolutionary art movements. Our current circumstances will prove no different. Students in the College of Arts + Architecture have continued to develop creative visions. Explore each discipline, learn more about the work, and connect with each artist – despite quarantine mandates and social distancing protocols – with our virtual gallery!

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white wall gallery 

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title of exhibition "error 4040: 2020 not found" in black and white and code like text

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The mission of the CoA+A gallery system is to create lively forums in which the curious encounter the work of global, regional, and local artists through diverse media and dynamic exchanges that are nourished by the intellectual and creative life of the university. Our programming will echo crossovers of the visual arts, architecture, music, theatre, and dance inherent to the College of Arts + Architecture at UNC Charlotte. We seek to provide a haven for experimentation, to invigorate the environments we occupy, and to amplify the means to engage art and design in our community.