Professor Named to Equitable Development Commission

Nadia Anderson
Thursday, October 13, 2022
Nadia Anderson joins the commission for the City of Charlotte.

Nadia Anderson, associate professor of architecture and urban design, has been appointed to join the City of Charlotte’s Equitable Development Commission.

The Charlotte Equitable Development Commission was created with the adoption of the Future Charlotte 2040 Comprehensive Plan by City Council resolution on June 21, 2021. The Commission is charged with advising in the assessment of infrastructure throughout the city and recommending strategies that balance equitable investments in areas most in need, including areas with absent and insufficient facilities, areas growing fastest, and areas targeted for growth.

The committee represents “individuals with significant backgrounds in community development and infrastructure assessments” said a city government statement.

Anderson is the Director of the School of Architecture’s City Building Lab and also serves on the Charlotte Neighborhood Equity and STabilization Commission (Charlotte’s NEST).  Like the Equitable Development Commission, NEST was established by the 2040 Comprehensive Plan and is part of the city’s efforts to address the displacement caused by gentrification.