Two New Exhibitions in Rowe Open October 3

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Department of Art & Art History presents two concurrent exhibitions in the Rowe Galleries, October 3 through November 2. Entrails, Geographies & Empathies, in the lower gallery, features new works on paper by the Kansas City (MO)-based artist Anne Austin Pearce:

“My work responds to the ambiguous and transient nature of – and dynamic relationship between – the mind and emotions, the physical and metaphysical. My work usually starts with what I perceive as an unanswerable question, and the quest for, or construction of answer(s) occurs in the process of painting and drawing.  It is an exorcism through mark-making.”

Attractive Nuisance features a site-specific installation in the upper gallery by the Charlotte-based sculptor Kit Kube:

“The risk of art includes the questioning of authority. The pieces in this show evolved over the past several years. In them I see the transition from heavily-laden artifacts or industrial remnants to contrived environments which may entice the viewer into more dangerous territory. The degrees to which they are a nuisance and/or influence are purely individual. Engagement requires investigation.”

An opening reception for both shows will take place in Rowe Galleries on Monday, October 3, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The artists will speak about their work at 5:30 pm.