Theatre Professor Wins Second Jeff Award

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

For the second year in a row, Assistant Professor of Theatre Robin Witt has won a Joseph Jefferson (Jeff) Award, honoring non-Equity Chicago theatre, in the category of "Best Director (Play)." Witt won for the production London Wall, which also won the award for "Best Production (Play)." London Wall was presented by Griffin Theatre Company in January and received stellar reviews. The Chicago Tribune called it "a richly acted and hugely entertaining Griffin Theatre production directed by Robin Witt, who is something of a specialist in lost plays, especially those that deal with women."

Established in 1968, the Jeff Awards Committee evaluates more than 250 theatrical productions and holds two awards ceremonies annually. Originally chartered to recognize only Equity productions, the Jeff Awards established the non-Equity Wing in 1973 to celebrate outstanding achievement in non-union theatre. The non-Equity branch judged 148 productions in the 2015-16 season.

Last summer, Witt received the 2015 Best Director (Play) Jeff Award for the Griffin Theatre Company non-Equity production of Men Should Weep, which also won Best Production (Play) and Best Actress (Play) awards. In September, the Charlotte Observer published a profile of Witt: read it here.

The 2016 Jeff Awards for non-Equity theatre were presented on June 6.