Reappointment, Tenure & Promotion Announcements

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The College of Arts + Architecture is pleased to announce the recent decisions by the UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees on the following personnel actions:

Promotion from Associate Professor to Full Professor

Ms. Heather Freeman (Department of Art & Art History)
Dr. John Allemeier (Department of Music)
Dr. Randal Haldeman (Department of Music)

Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor with Permanent Tenure

Dr. Kyong-Hee Kim (School of Architecture)
Dr. Elizabeth Murray (Department of Theatre)
Ms. Robin Witt (Department of Theatre)

Conferral of Permanent Tenure at current rank

Dr. Shawn Smith (Department of Music)

Reappointment at current rank

Dr. Lisa Homann (Department of Art & Art History)
Dr. Carl Dupont (Department of Music)
Dr. Jessica Lindsey (Department of Music)
Mr. Thomas Burch (Department of Theatre)