Journal Article Explores Professor's Collaborative Process

AGA Collaborative performing
Friday, February 15, 2019
AGA Collaborative, which includes professor Gretchen Alterowitz, has published an article.

AGA Collaborative, the trio of performer-choreographers that includes Associate Professor of Dance Gretchen Alterowitz, has jointly published an article in Choreographic Practices 9 (2). The article, “And how to be in three places at once: A collaborative experiment,” reflects on the trio’s creative practices and how their values are manifested through their collaborative working process.

AGA Collaborative was formed in 2011 by Alterowitz, Amanda Hamp, and Alison Bory. The title of the article recalls a work that the trio created in 2013, “and how to be in two places at once” (pictured), which confronts the challenges that the three dancers, who live in different geographic areas, face in working together, as well as the larger existential questions of physical and emotional presence in the digital age.

Choreographic Practices acknowledges dancemaking as a mode of critical and creative discourse. The journal provides a platform for sharing choreographic practices, critical inquiry, and debate.