Distinguished Professor of Violin Directs Musical Seminar Celebrating Rich Culture of Moorish Spain

El Alhambra, Granada. Photo by David Russell
Monday, June 27, 2016

Anne R. Belk Distinguished Professor of Violin David Russell will direct a three-day seminar this fall that explores the musical and cultural legacy of the period, from 711 until 1492, in which the Moors governed Spain. The seminar, Masterclass Al-Andalus, will be held October 10-13 at Wildacres Conference Center in Little Switzerland, NC, and is open to both musicians and non-musicians who are interested in the rich history and art of Moorish Spain.

This project celebrates the society of Al-Andalus (the name the Moors gave the Iberian Peninsula), which was marked by the co-existence of Muslims, Christians, Jews, and gitanos (Gypsies). The region became a major center for science and culture and produced some of Spain’s most stunning structures, including the Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita-Catedral (Mosque-Cathedral) in Cόrdoba, and the Alcázar in Seville. The roots of flamenco - and arguably the roots of Western Classical Music - can be found in the multicultural melting-pot of Al-Andalus.

Led by Russell and Mercedes García Montanes, director of Flamencordoba ArtStudio (Spain), a group of international musicians and scholars will present concerts, lecture demonstrations, and masterclasses during the three-day seminar. For more information, visit the Masterclass Al-Andalus website.