Certificate in Jazz Studies

Program Description

The Undergraduate Certificate in Jazz is designed for instrumentalists who wish to enhance their undergraduate study with intensive training in jazz. The curriculum consists of 20 credits of jazz studies that combine instruction in performance and musicianship, including ensembles, lessons, improvisation, history, and a course in either arranging or pedagogy. All required courses must be passed with a grade of B or better to earn the Undergraduate Certificate in Jazz.

Admission Requirements

Students may begin working towards the Undergraduate Certificate in Jazz at any point in their curriculum, but must complete the following requirements before being formally admitted into the Certificate program:
  1. A Sophomore Review (see the Department of Music Student Handbook for details).
  2. Both semesters of Jazz Improvisation (MUSC 2235 and MUSC 2236) with grades of B or better.
  3. A juried audition.

Program Requirements

All jazz courses completed prior to formal admission into the Undergraduate Certificate in Jazz program (including lessons, ensembles, and improvisation classes) will subsequently be applied towards the Certificate.