Undergraduate Programs

A major in music offers students comprehensive training in composition, education, jazz studies, performance, or liberal arts.  Most music graduates move directly into the profession as teachers or performers, while others opt for advanced training in graduate programs or internships with professional organizations.  A number of our alums have used their undergraduate training as a foundation for other professions, including medicine and law.

The Department of Music awards Bachelor of Music degrees with concentrations in six areas: (1) Choral/General Music Education, (2) Composition, (3) Instrumental/General Music Education, (4) Instrumental Performance, (5) Jazz Studies, and (6) Vocal Performance. The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is designed for students who want both intensive training in music and the opportunity to explore other areas of academic study. Considering a double major? The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is specifically designed to allow students to graduate with two degrees within four years.

Minor in Music is designed for students who want to study music while working toward a degree in another field, while the Certificate in Jazz Studies and Certificate in Musical Theatre give students opportunities to enhance their undergraduate study with specialized instruction.

Undergraduate Program Information

Admission and Progression Requirements, and all Program Requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. Please see the information below:


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The UNC Charlotte Department of Music is not accepting music minors in voice or percussion at this time.

Certificate Programs

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Hannah Harrell, Performing Arts Academic Advisor
Tesh Ramey, Arts Education Specialist (Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre Education)