Transfer Students

UNC Charlotte enrolls more transfer students than any other school in North Carolina. The Department of Music is especially excited about helping you transition into our community, including transferring-in as many general education and music courses as possible from other institutions.

All transfer students who wish to major in music must first apply to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Once you have applied to the university, you must schedule an audition (see the “Admissions” page for details).

Students with four or more semesters of college-level lessons should follow the Repertoire Guidelines for Students Auditioning for Upper-Division Study (Junior/Senior Level).

Transfer Students with A.F.A. Degrees in Music

Transfer students with Associate in Fine Arts degrees in Music who pursue the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree will be able to complete all coursework within two years at UNC Charlotte. Transfer students with A.F.A. degrees in Music who pursue either of the Music Education concentrations within the Bachelor of Music degree will take three years. The Music Performance concentrations may take two, two-and-a-half, or three years, depending on the results of each individual student’s entrance audition, which will indicate how much Advanced Applied Study will be necessary to successfully complete the Junior and Senior Recitals.

The UNC Charlotte Department of Music provides Baccalaureate Degree Plans to identify NC community college courses that lead to associate degree completion, admission into the music major, and baccalaureate completion in music. 

Transfer Students without A.F.A. Degrees in Music

Transfer students without Associate in Fine Arts degrees in Music should visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for information about the transferability of general education courses. The transferability of music courses may depend on the results of Placement Examinations that are administered during orientation.