Destiny Work

Destiny Work
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Bachelor of Architecture, Minors in Urban Studies and Italian

How did you become interested in architecture?
I was first introduced to engineering at my high school, Zebulon B Vance. While I was learning about engineering, architecture was introduced to explain the differences between the two fields. Upon learning the differences and similarities of the two, I realized that architecture is my future. Understanding and utilizing space to help create a way of life and to influence the human experience is my ultimate goal.

What kind of career do you hope to have?
Once I’ve obtained my bachelors, I plan to become a professor at Central Piedmont Community College and help students learn more about furthering their education at UNC Charlotte after obtaining their Associates in Architecture Technology. I plan to continue my education and earn a Master's in Architecture, furthering my understanding of design and the interpersonal relationship between people, architecture, and the world as we know and love it. My overall goal is to become a residential architect that encourages sustainability in every design and creation. Going green and lending a helping hand is the goal.

What is your favorite thing about UNC Charlotte, the College of Arts + Architecture, or the School of Architecture?
The best thing about the College of Arts + Architecture is that you get the opportunity to explore all things art. No holding back, just letting your creative juices flow, whether that's through the rhythm of music, the stroke of a brush, or the breeze of music notes -- creativity is not limited in this department.

When you are not in class, studying, or working, what do you like to do for fun?
For fun, I love to teach young kids about God, encouraging them to try all things and to never be scared of messing up because when problems arise, opportunities present themselves on a greater level. And that's what creates a great problem solver, a great innovator, and an even greater leader.