Certificate in Advanced Dance Studies


The Certificate in Advanced Dance Studies allows students already enrolled in the BA in Dance degree an opportunity to deepen and focus their study. Certificate courses help students develop an area of interest, prepare them to undertake individual final projects, performances, or internships, and provide them with skills needed to work in dance community settings. As appropriate to our work as an Urban Research University, the Certificate allows the Department to serve community dance organizations (dance studios, YMCAs, Charlotte Ballet, and dance companies) while providing students with professional experiences. For more information, contact Performing Arts Advisor Hannah Harrell.

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The certificate requires 21 credit hours beyond the requirements for the B.A. in Dance with Concentration in Performance, Choreography, and Theory or a B.A. in Dance with a Concentration in Dance Education.

  • Movement Practice Courses (4 credit hours)
  • Performance Practicum Courses (2 credit hours)
  • Career Preparation Courses (6 credit hours)
  • Leadership Course (3 credit hours)
  • Capstone Courses (6 credit hours)

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"The Advanced Dance Studies Certificate program has been a wonderful experience, providing me with the opportunity to collaborate with two faculty members on a site-specific piece for the Fall Dance Concert. I now have experience choreographing with a mentor, being able to create both a film version and a live version of the dance. I had never choreographed a piece that had a score composed specifically for the work. It is incredible to be able to gain experience collaborating with professionals, leading some rehearsals, and participating in production meetings. Overall, the certificate program has given me hands-on experience and prepared me for life after graduation." - Senior dance major, Kayley McLamb

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