Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

The BFA in Art is considered a ‘professional’ degree. Most universities offering the BFA require a similar number of credits and distribution of studio and art history coursework–a full 2/3 of the total credits required to graduate with this degree will come from the Department of Art & Art History. Please see “Admissions” tab on left for Entrance Portfolio Requirements and Deadlines.

Concentration areas include:

  • 3D interdiscilplinary studies: art in space
  • digital media
  • illustration
  • painting
  • photography
  • print media
  • art education (this concentration provides K-12 teacher licensure in art).

Students pursuing the BFA in Art program must take ARTA 3201 BFA Portfolio Review after completion of foundations studios (ARTB 1201 2D Design, ARTB 1202 3D Design, ARTB 1203 Drawing 1, ARTB 1204 Digital Foundations, and ARTB 1206 Conceptual Practices). While enrolled in ARTA 3201 BFA Portfolio Review, students will compile and submit another digital portfolio of creative and written work that will be due in middle of the semester. The BFA portfolio will consist of work from the foundation studio courses previously taken. A committee of faculty members in the intended concentration will review the portfolios. Those students accepted will then be able to enroll in upper level BFA course requirements. Students who do not pass the BFA Portfolio review will have one year to resubmit if they so choose.

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