MArch II

Program Overview

The MArch II program is a NAAB-accredited professional degree designed for students who have already completed a four-year undergraduate BA or BS in Architecture.


For detailed information about the admissions requirements and process, please visit the SoA Graduate Admissions web page.

UNC Charlotte's Graduate School admissions requirements for all students include:

  • minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • minimum internet-based TOEFL score of 83 or minimum IETLS overall band score of 6.5 (for international applicants)

Students applying to the MII track are expected to have already acquired the fundamentals of visual and spatial design, problem solving, conceptualization and introductory coursework in architectural history and theory, building technology, and visual skills. Expected Entry-Level Competencies for MArch.II Candidates include:

  • A minimum of six semesters of architectural design studios
  • A minimum of two semesters of architectural history and/or theory courses
  • A minimum of four semesters of building technology courses equivalent to the following School of Architecture courses (ARCH 5301: Material and Assembly Principles, ARCH 5302: Environmental Systems Principles, ARCH 5303: Structural Principles, and ARCH 5304: Structural Systems). Overviews of these courses can be found on the SoA Graduate Courses web page

If applicants accepted to the MArch II program are found deficient in entry-level competencies, they will be required to enroll in additional course work beyond the required 60 credit hours to complete their degree.  To ensure that incoming students are evaluated appropriately, the School of Architecture requires that applicants to the MArch II program provide course descriptions and syllabi of architecture courses passed and completed that satisfy the entry-level competencies.


Students admitted to the MArch II program complete a two-year 60-credit curriculum that begins in the fall semester. The duration of graduate study for MArch II students may vary according to prior preparation and course work in architecture, including the fundamentals of visual and spatial design, conceptualization and problem solving, as well as introductory coursework in architectural history and theory, building technology, computation and representation.

In the first year of the MArch II program, students complete a curriculum consisting of advanced-design studios coupled with courses in contemporary theory, building technology, computational methods, design methodology, and architectural electives.

In the second year, students complete a comprehensive architectural design project, a research-driven graduate diploma design studio, along with courses in architectural research, professional practice, and additional architectural electives.

More information on the Master of Architecture programs and the MArch II can be found here:

Dual Degree Options

In addition to the SoA dual degrees in Architecture / Urban Design and in Architecture / Computer Science-Information Technology, students applying to the MArch II may choose to pursue a dual degree in another discipline within the university.  The most frequent examples include dual master's degrees in Architecture / Geography (Community Planning) or in Architecture / Business (Real Estate Development). Dual master degrees can be obtained under the guidelines of the Graduate School and by special arrangement between the School of Architecture and another university unit.  

Students may also elect to study in our 3-year dual masters program with Tongji University in Shanghai, China. This program is designed for MArch degree seeking students who wish to obtain a professional Chinese architecture degree as well as an NAAB accredited Masters. In addition to the standard MArch I or II degree curriculum, students engage an additional year of study in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) at Tongji University, one of the top ranking architectural programs in China. Students engage fall and spring architecture and planning coursework (taught in English) as well as Chinese language seminars. The program also features a summer internship in Shanghai.

If a student is interested in pursuing a dual master's degree in architecture and another discipline, a proposal must be submitted by the student to the Graduate Coordinators of both programs within the first semester of enrollment for review. Acceptance into the Master of Architecture program at UNC Charlotte does not guarantee admittance to the other graduate programs within the university.