CoA+A IT Labs

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with a wide range of software and hardware to support various creative endeavors. Whether you're working on 3-D modeling, image manipulation, video editing, music composition, audio editing, CAD, GIS, BIM, or high-quality, large-format printing, our IT infrastructure has you covered.

Our labs, classrooms, and production facilities are  integrated with our curriculum and are updated annually to ensure students have access to the latest technology in creative design and production. Our dedicated IT staff work to deploy and support technology that adapts to the needs of our users and the college community. We are committed to exploring new technologies and ensuring they remain robust to support all uses.

With 12 student computer labs spread across our college buildings, including areas in the Dubois Center, we strive to meet the evolving needs of our users. As hardware and software may change per semester, we encourage faculty and students to verify with the department before classes begin. Our college support IT team is dedicated to addressing the specialized needs of equipment in our facilities. Discover more about our labs and how they can enhance your academic experience below. 

Storrs print lab

The Storrs Print Lab is a valuable resource for CoA+A students. Our lab is operated by student staff assistants and is dedicated to serving the needs of our student community. We offer printing services for minimal fees covering paper and ink costs.  You can find our office, where print jobs are distributed, in room 230C of the Storrs building. Adjacent to the print lab office, you'll find the open access computer labs in rooms 230B and 222B. These labs offer 24 Apple and Dell computers for all CoA+A students to use. Access is available 24/7 using your 49er ID card.

Hours: Sundays, 4-9pm; Monday-Thursday, 9am-9pm; Friday, 9am-3pm; Saturday-CLOSED. Please note that hours are subject to change, especially during university holidays and peak usage times like final reviews. Updated schedules are posted around studio areas in the Storrs building and other relevant locations.

The Storrs Print Lab is equipped to handle a variety of printing needs, from US Letter to 44" photo reproductions. While we strive for optimal color reproduction, we recommend conducting a test print before submitting your final prints to ensure accuracy. All printing is managed through PaperCut, a dedicated system for student printing. Students can purchase "top-up" cards using their 49er card and enter the card number into their PaperCut account to access funds for printing. Balances can be transferred between students within the PaperCut system, and unsuccessful print jobs incur no charges. Refunds for unused funds can be requested via the College’s PaperCut system. For more information on accessing your PaperCut account or any other inquiries, our staff at the Print Lab office are here to assist you. We're committed to providing convenient and efficient printing services to enhance your academic experience at CoA+A.


Storrs Computer Labs

Our labs are equipped with essential software including applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, MS Office Suite, and web browsers. Additionally, department-specific labs offer specialized software such as Autodesk, Adobe Premiere, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Gamemaker, Revit, Rhino, and Sibelius  tailored to specific disciplines. These resources ensure students have the tools necessary for their coursework and digital file management. Our lab facilities include: 

  • The Dubois Center Lab: Features a dedicated mini print lab and mini laser lab conveniently located near studio spaces.
  • Macy Computer Labs: Three teaching Apple labs.
    Robinson Computer Labs: Includes a Music teaching lab and a Theatre Design teaching lab.
  • Rowe Computer Labs: Offers an Apple lab, a fabrication lab with 3D printers, and a photo lab.
  • Storrs Hall Computer Labs: Various labs are available for student use, including a dedicated 24-hour lab, teaching lab, fabrication lab, digital arts lab, and daylighting lab.
  • Hight Architecture Library: Apple desktops are available for student use within the Charles C. Hight Architecture Library. See more about the Architecture Library here

For a comprehensive list of software available to faculty, staff, and students, visit the university’s academic software page and log in with your 49er account. We're dedicated to providing the tools and facilities necessary for your academic success at CoA+A.