Kaustavi Sarkar

Kaustavi Sarkar
Associate Professor of Dance, Director of the Arts + Architecture Honors Program
Robinson 303E

Faculty Research Connections Profile

Kaustavi Sarkar, Associate Professor, is a dancer-choreographer-educator-scholar. Sarkar has been performing and teaching Odissi, an Indian classical dance form from eastern India, for over a decade. Currently, she is the Artistic Director of an India-based organization dedicated to Indian classical dance called Kaustavi Movement Center while pursuing a career in US academia. She has taught at Kenyon College and The Ohio State University (OSU) and holds a Ph.D. from OSU in Dance Studies with interdisciplinary research interests in digital humanities, cultural studies, queer studies, and religious studies. Sarkar has performed in numerous dance festivals and presented her scholarly research in conferences in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Her research spans across the fields of South Asian Dance Studies, Practice-as-Research, Arts Entrepreneurship, and Digital Humanities embedded in critical cultural theory. She employs entrepreneurial measures for building a dance fraternity since her teaching, choreography, and writing builds conversations across academe, performance, and business. Her choreography was featured in American College Dance Association East-Central Conference at Kent State University in 2017.

Sarkar holds a Ph.D. in Dance Studies (focus on Digital Humanities) from The Ohio State University (2017).  She also holds an M.S. in Economics with Minor in Finance, Texas A&M University (2006).

Select Publications:

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