Jonathan Pellitteri

Art & Art History
3D Fabrications Labs manager
Rowe 127

Jonathan Pellitteri began managing the UNC Charlotte Department of Art and Art History 3D Studios and
Rowe Digital Fabrication Lab in the fall of 2018. His goal is to foster an atmosphere that promotes
interdisciplinary approaches to creating art, in a space that is accessible to people of all skill levels
interested in expanding their abilities and understanding of 3-dimensional art and design.

Pellitteri’s training is in fine art and the building trades. He learned how to make art while working as a
mason and a carpenter. He learned why he makes art while earning a BFA from the University of
Massachusetts-Dartmouth and an MFA at Louisiana State University. Pellitteri maintains a rigorous
studio practice, focusing on art that investigates the intersection of the natural world with
advancements in engineering and science. His sculptures and drawings are included in public, private,
and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe.