Jessica Bilgrad

Jessica Bilgrad
Adjunct Professor of Theatre

Jessica Bilgrad holds a BA in communications and sociology from Georgia State University and an MA in theatre with a concentration in drama therapy from Kansas State University.

During her three years in Kansas, Bilgrad studied and honed her craft to incorporate the intersection of wellness and creativity through directing, playwriting, sociodrama, playback theatre, creative art therapy and theatre with special populations. Her passion for drama therapy and using the arts as a means for healing is the cornerstone for her approach to teaching, connecting with and helping her students and clients discover their strengths.

Bilgrad has worked extensively in film, television, commercials and musical theatre. Previously, Bilgrad professionally taught and performed improv, stand-up, and sketch comedy for seven years in Atlanta, where she had a weekly two-woman show and was a part of The Village Theatre‚Äôs main cast.

 She teaches Introduction to Stage Performance at UNC Charlotte.