Greg Snyder

Greg Snyder
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs, Architecture
Storrs 245

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Greg Snyder is an Associate Professor and the Undergraduate Program Director at the School of Architecture at UNC Charlotte. His research interests are in issues that arise out of acts of making and construction, and the phenomena and meaning that accrue in and around these acts. The current set of projects that he is pursuing these research interests through is Case Goods – an investigation of furnishings as expandable environments, and The Metal Building in the Expanded Field – a body of work that looks to develop alternative ways to employ standardized building systems and catalogue componentry. His class First Year for Life is a recurring seminar elective that examines relationships between one’s architectural education and the practice of everyday life. His most recent class An Environmental Ethic seeks to introduce students to a set of interdependencies between Nature, Civilization, and Culture as a background to addressing critical issues of stewardship and design in the contemporary moment.

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1996 Terramite T5c aka ‘Buster’: In the first lecture on soil and foundations Snyder issues an invitation to students to consider the virtues of heavy equipment ownership. He offered a backstory of the experiences with his own small backhoe/loader as testimonial to the assortment of deeper understandings of being in the world facilitated through the possession and use of this tool.

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Container / Contained: Phil Freelon: Together with Emily Makas, Snyder designed this series of exhibitions critically examine Freelon’s work, including museums, libraries, cultural centers, public parks, and educational buildings. The focus on projects that foreground African American communities and identities and tell African American stories through architecture.
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The  Metal Building  In an Expanded Field (2019): The ambition of this exhibit is to suggest ways in which the metal building can participate in a broad set of architectural discourses and the set of other cultural discourses that have adjacencies to architecture and architectural education. The collection of artifacts that are on display, and their adjacencies and relative proximities, might come as a surprise or appear to be a stretching of logic that might even elude the most tortured storyteller, but they are intentional. A legacy of toys, games, and carefully considered art and design practices and critical are a fertile ground to mine for ideas and cultural significances that can inform the metal building with rich meanings and associations.