David Gall

Art & Art History
Associate Professor, Art Education
Winningham 203H

Faculty Research Connections Profile

Currently Associate Professor Art Education at UNC Charlotte; previously an Assistant professor at the Gwen Frostic School of Art, Western Michigan University, and at Cleveland State University. He also coordinated Barbados Community College’s BFA fine art program. A Fulbright scholarship allowed Dr. Gall to earn his Ph.D. from Penn State University in 1996, whose Art and Architecture College also awarded him its Alumni Award in 2021. Through successive India Government Scholarships, he earned MFA and BFA degrees in painting in 1980 from MS University of Baroda, and 1978 from Visva-Bharati University respectively.

Dr. Gall’s research focus is generally in the areas of multiculturalism, aesthetics, curriculum design, and cultural theory. Recent publications include Countering Modernity: Toward a Nondualist Basis for Art Education, Teneo Press 2019, Undoing Sophisticated Illusion: Bricolage Genealogy and Resonant Iconic Similarity, Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 52, No.1 Spring 2018; and Formalist Problems, Realist Solutions, Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 50No. 1, Spring 2016, pp. 80-94. As a practicing artist, his work has been included in shows of Caribbean art, notably the 1996 – 97 Caribbean Visions, an exhibition of Caribbean Art that toured the U.S, and in1991 L’Espace Carpo, Caribbean Art exhibition in France. Examples of his artwork are in the Thomas Burrell collection Chicago, and in the National Art Collection, Barbados.