April Turner

Adjunct Lecturer, Dance


As a folklorist, I employ the use of traditional dance, story and rhythm as tools to document history, practice culture and bring the community together. I began my African dance journey with Loretta Bynoe, as a company member of Rafiki Ngoma. At the age of 18, I began touring as a dancer with folklorist, Obakunle Akinlana, founder of Ife Cultural Arts Center. My performance and cultural work with Akinlana and ICAC continued for two decades. During that time I also performed and/or studied with Otesha Creative Arts Ensemble, Baatu Askan Wi, Mussukeba Sane and Viver Brasil. In addition to Bynoe and Akinlana, I am forever grateful to the African dance training and cultural discipline imparted to me by Mohammed DaCosta, Malang Bayo, Koto Ngum and Keti Ciofassa. Currently, I embrace and enjoy a life teaching and performing at academic institutions and cultural arts organizations throughout the southern United States.