Moses Luski Contemporary Collection

Moses Luski

The Moses Luski Contemporary Collection at UNC Charlotte Center City is a curated version of an overall collection that is continually growing. In a very broad sense, this collection could be characterized as a winding journey, with various side-trips along the way. The Moses Luski Contemporary Collection presents a fascinating contrast to the Lona-Frey Collection, also found at Center City. While many of those pieces champion abstraction over the “tyranny” of a subject or object, the overtly narrative works in the Luski Collection revel in concept and story, even if abstraction is used as the vehicle to get there. 

There exists in these pieces a consistent consideration of the figure, which often raises both political and personal concerns of the body. Gender, sexuality, and sometimes an intimate narrative of self are presented in relation to the surrounding vernacular of a particular time and place or the inner broodings of the contemporary psyche. We also encounter a refreshing sense of humor, as several of the artists address and subvert agendas pushed upon us by our consumeristic society. 

This collection has been mounted primarily in the hallways of UNC Charlotte Center City, inviting daily critique and reflection. The Projective Eye Gallery | College of Arts + Architecture and UNC Charlotte Center City welcomes these works as a vibrant continuance of our mission to thoughtfully excite the spaces we occupy.

-Crista Cammaroto, Director of Galleries

The Moses Luski Contemporary Collection features 41 artworks by emerging and established artists in diverse media, including ceramic, glass, works on paper, mixed media, acrylic paintings, photographs, and prints. Read a review of the collection in The Charlotte Observer.