William Moon

William Moon
A Principal with Tryba Architect in Denver, CO

Education: Bachelor of Architecture, UNC Charlotte (1990)

Hometown: Lakeland, Florida

William was a very creative kid, and he always found himself immersed in a new project. He first started to think about being an architect in the 8th grade when he drafted his first house design. “I love the creative thinking required in architecture, and also love the way multiple solutions can come about from solving an issue. I enjoy the collaborative nature of our profession.”

Currently, William is a Principal with Tryba Architect in Denver, CO. His tasks include delivering numerous projects; business development; client relationships; recruiting, and anything and everything in between.

Moon said his UNC Charlotte education in Architecture “provided me with the necessary education to meet the requirements to take the ARE. It also provided me with confidence with public presentations, and fostered an interest in Earth Art/ Landscape - which continues to this day.” One of his favorite memories from his time at Charlotte was learning more of this region of the country. “I loved seeing how major infrastructure projects impact the region's growth and development.”

Since he started as an architect, William has worked on many amazing projects including the renovation of Denver's Union Station (winner of numerous design awards) and Mercantile Square - a mixed use project in Lower Downtown Denver that changed the city's historic warehouse neighborhood (winner of AIA Colorado's 25 year award). 

His advice for current students: “Stay the course - no matter what others say - believe in abilities - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.”