Rafael Javier Lopez

Rafael Javier Lopez
Project Captain at Method Studio, Salt Lake City, UT

Bacher of Arts in Architecture, UNC Charlotte (2015)
Bachelor of Architecture, UNC Charlotte (2016)

Hometown: La Selva Del Camp, Catalunya, Spain

Rafael's interest in achictecture began sometime when he was a child. He said, "Growing up Spain exposed me to architects like Gaudi, Ricardo Bofill, Rafael Moneo, and Miralles-Tagliabue. At the time I didn't really know what to think of it but, it clearly left and impression." This interest continued to grow and eventually led him to UNC Charlotte. 

"It’s difficult for me to describe the five years (2011 – 2016) I spent at the SoA in written words, but that’s mostly because I am a terrible writer," Rafael says.

"If I had to choose one component that stuck with me through my time in school, it would simply be the acceptance of “open dialogue” on design. It didn’t matter if you were in studio, in the middle of your review, or in a lecture; faculty and fellow students were always available to help think through your reasoning and give constructive criticism. Not every project was a success, but that’s okay, the reality is that most of the work we do is a learning experience, as we constantly adapt to new parameters and constraints. Through our gambles and mistakes, we can grow as designers because we take that information & criticism and apply it to our next design," he says. He also recalled fond memories of late nights in the sudio on modle building night, where everyone would play good music and support each other. 

His advice for current student is, "Don't be afraid to take risk with your design. A good review is one that creates a good conversation based on your idea whether its a failure or success."

"Since leaving the SoA, I’ve had the opportunity to work for multiple firms in the United States and Spain. Dipping my hand into Highrise Towers, Mixed-Use Developments, Educational Institutions, Temporary Installations, and Masterplans. Each of these programs had a separate learning curve, but just like the SOA, I had a team around me ready to talk through the designs."


Work Samples

The Republic High-Rise
Completion Date: 2025 | Credit: Duda | Paine Architects


Bridgerland Health Science Technical College
Completion Date: Fall 2024 | Credit: at Method Studio


Duda Paine 
Date Complete: 2014