Rachel Keeton

Architect, Editor, Researcher - International New Town Institute Almere, The Netherlands


Master of Science in Architecture, TU Delft (2008) 
Bachelor of Architecture, UNC Charlotte (2006) 

Previous Employment:
Editor for B_Nieuws (Architectural magazine) 
Columnist for TU_Delta (TU Delft university paper) 

Fayetteville, NC

As a researcher at the International New Town Institute, Rachel is responsible for different research projects related to New Towns. She is the author of Rising in the East: Contemporary New Towns in Asia (2011), as well as publications about sustainable urban planning and current planning issues. She also lectures occasionally at TU Delft and UvA, and is a registered architect.

"Studying in the School (College) of Architecture at UNC Charlotte was an experience that I appreciate much more after studying in London and Delft. At Charlotte we had the chance to interact with our professors on a daily basis, both formally and informally. We had our own studio spaces, with desks we could personalize and spaces we could appropriate. We became a tight (and somewhat inbred!) community. This is not standard for Architecture schools."

"Although I am working as a researcher now, I am also a registered architect, which is a title that I value very highly and mostly attribute to my experiences at the School. I was influenced by many of the faculty, for different reasons. Professors Mark Morris and Krista Sykes were the first to combine my enthusiasm for design with analytical writing; Linda Samuels and Carrie Gault encouraged me to push designs to their aesthetic conclusions and they weren't scared off by the use of color!"