Mauricio Ulloa

Project Architect at Perkins Eastman (New York)


Bachelor of Architecture, UNC Charlotte (2000)
Master of Architecture, GSD, Harvard University (2003)

Previous Employers
Allied Works Architecture (New York, NY)
Jose Rafael Moneo Arquitecto (Madrid, Spain)
Skidmore Owings & Merrill (New York)
LHSA+DP (New York)

Hometown(s): Charlotte, NC - Memphis, TN

"I remember seeing the pursuit of architecture as a good synthesis between the creative and rational sides of my brain... something that other studies didn't offer. After my first two studios, I was hooked."

"My education at UNC Charlotte is foundational to everything that came after. It was there that I first developed my design obsessions. I appreciate that I was given the fundamental tools to engage the design process and an environment of rigorous critique with the freedom to fail (which I sometimes did). It was important to me to begin to define my own territory of exploration without too many ideological constraints. I had a 7 year architectural education at UNCC and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. I carry the lessons from all of those studio projects and professors with me like a conceptual tool box. Through repetition I learned how to engage the cycle of the design process, to accept trial and error, and the importance of a critical approach. I continue to build on that education and still work on refining my point of view, and the collection of ideas and values that form my practice."

"My education [at UNC Charlotte] changed my experience of the city. Once I began studying architecture I no longer felt I travelled as a tourist. Visiting a new city now had a sense of engagement, like the first chapters of a book. It is a change in sensibility, a new set of eyes."