Lydia Elder

Lydia Elder
Hometown: Rolesville, NC
Bachelor in Communication Studies, concentration in Rhetoric, Culture and Social Change and a Minor in Theatre

How did you first get interested in theatre?
My freshman year of high school, I signed up for a theatre class on a whim, and I never looked back. During my first show, “The Crucible”, I found a love for the theatre community and the art itself. Going into college, I couldn’t imagine studying without developing myself as a performer. I take the phrase “all the world’s a stage” by Shakespeare rather seriously, as we all have a part to play in this world, and learning how to understand each other through examining its characters is key to being a well-rounded citizen.

What kind of career do you hope to have?
I aspire to have a career where I can use my communication skills to be an advocate for equity wherever I land. Through minoring in theatre, I hope to further sharpen my public speaking, teamwork, interpersonal, and organizational skills, which will all help me in my future goals!

What is your favorite thing about the College of Arts + Architecture?
The community in the College of Arts and Architecture is beautiful. In just my first class, I have met some of the most friendly, passionate, and dedicated individuals on campus. Even as an Orientation Counselor, my favorite interactions with new students were those in the College of Arts and Architecture. Along with this, I am also in the music fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota. Through this sisterhood, I have found a community dedicated to supporting my personal, professional, and artistic growth.

Can you talk about your experience as a scholarship student?
My freshman year, I received a chancellor's scholarship of $2000. Through this extra aid, I have felt more comfortable pursuing my passions in college.

When you are not in class, studying, or working, what do you like to do for fun?
I love playing video games, especially those that require strategy and puzzle solving. It allows me to relax and detach from my schoolwork, which also keeps me sharp.