Lindsay W Daniel

Lindsay W Daniel
Founder of Lindsay Daniel Architecture, Inc. Charlotte, NC


Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, UNC Charlotte (1981)
Bachelor of Architecture, UNC Charlotte (1984)

“I grew up around artists – watching, smelling, listening – “Turpentine is a perfume, isn’t it?” I drew castles Painting & Printmaking curriculum at VCU was my 1st formal step toward a design profession. But after that - what did I know? How to pay the rent!!? Where to go from here? Interior Design jobs started to give me clues…. so did firm ownership and special mentors. It’s all about our human condition and how we live within that! STOP, pass GO and collect $200…married! Detour to Architecture – Oh yes, I used to draw castles! Art taught me to see. Interior Design taught me to feel. Architecture taught me to think and speak. College of Architecture lead me to synthesize skills and experiences of my brain, heart, eyes, hands, nose, ears. They taught me how to teach myself. Without that I would not know how to purposefully create…… by finding what is sacred from our worlds and learning to extract that from our collective memories. I build from that. Now, after 50 years in education-practice-firm ownerships, I come home to fine art painting where these echoes show up on my canvas. I walk along these edges of sacred worlds acknowledging that which we hold dear, telling these stories, and elevating those to a higher level of appreciation….bringing these emotions home (from the quietness of Hopper to the screaming of Basquiat ! ). I’ve experienced many twisting roads, hurdles, setbacks- somehow I can’t leave this field - I breathe art!” 

Work Samples

Wheelock Rd, South Park area, Charlotte, NC
Date Completed: 02/03/2006 | Credit: Lindsay Daniel Architecture, Inc.


*Downside of a good economy - screaming "MORE SQ FT !!!" The loss to overbuilding scale in American older neighborhoods is forever our foe in Residential Architecture. Here I show only one small portion of this whole house Addition-Renovation. To contain this area from "over eating", we designed Multi-Use spaces keeping footage in check. For roof design compatibility, we kept mass broken into smaller Pop-Up pieces - allowing creation of charming unique spaces and more natural light inside this connector stairwell to a new Family Den above the old Carport. That carport below was upgraded and stylistically detailed to Multi-Use as a covered porch for larger entertaining or play space on a rainy day. The clients were thrilled with these solutions and get greater FUNCTION and FUN out of their home!

Davidson, NC - Walnut St - New Home Construction
Date Completed: 01/11/2012 | Credit: Lindsay Daniel Architecture, Inc

Every trick was employed to offset America's ruination of small scale homes on small lots. This photo, taken from the alleyway, is best view to understand our attempt to visually minimalize the large scale of 3800sf. Main house-3 stories/ Potting Shed/2 car Garage w/ guest quarters above set along front and side perimeter of lot. Full heated basement of Main house set underground. Each structure is detached with scale and color changes to delineate each separate part. The client wished for a "real Bungalow", yet the interiors are exquisitely contemporary with connecting views, a gabled kitchen window wall and vaulted ceiling w/ an overlook from the bedroom closet above, a repeat of the gabled window wall opposite side of house for stairwell bringing natural light to the basement. We carved into the roof a screened sleeping porch off the master bedroom facing the private side yard. NOTE, the majority of today's large scale projects typically can look somewhat "real" in the front, but, due to the demand of increased square footage, they lose the smaller scaled proportions in the REAR. Here, I believe we maintained that bygone comfortable scale and communion with the land where we once enjoyed sipping lemonade outdoors and listening to night sounds.

Morrocroft Estate, South Park area, Charlotte, NC
Date Completed: 01/01/2000 | Credit: Lindsay Daniel Architecture, Inc


Since this project is a State Historic Landmark, we had to respond to reviews from the North Carolina Department of Archives, the Charlotte/Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission, and the Client ! And many times they were conflicting! This 10,000 sf Addition-Renovation project to a private home involved extremely sensitive architectural detailing and engineering. These details, looking seamless, all had to incorporate exposed and fragile existing high brick walls into a new 2 story - 5 car garage w/ Movie Rm above, all with historic detailing and rare materials. We had to perform many delicate issues of this sort to open up walls, add newly positioned steel doors & windows into these old walls - all to add more sunlight and better connection within and to the gardens. Despite frustrating "pulling my hair out" design reviews moments, the DELIGHT of this project was the rare opportunity working with such timeless and amazingly beautiful building materials and detailing. I went to the Moon and back! *We won this job since other well known architectural firms did not know how to get these client requested alterations passed through both the local and state historic review processes. I am still amazed at the items we did get passed and built !!! I felt honored to have been chosen for this most exhilarating, challenging, and fun design project of our city.

Edith Free
Date Completed: 01/01/2019 | Credit: Lindsay Daniel Fine Art

Edith Free - by Lindsay Daniel Sacred Blue, Sacred Form. A chance opportunity at the Brooklyn Museum with my good old friend Edith. I see this amazing blue wall. I beg her to stand by the wall in the form of the cross. I capture this Friend in the majesty of Cobalt and Ultramarine Blue. We are still laughing! 12 x 12 on canvas - acrylics - NFS.

Hello Yellow Charming God
Date Complete: 01/01/2021 | Credit: Lindsay Daniel Fine Art


Hello Yellow Charming God - by Lindsay Daniel Van Gogh's favorite color, he felt capable of "charming God". I agreed with him! April 2021 my artworks focused only on this one design element - COLOR. Yellow - with its exultant and radiant sun energy, supreme things (dragon emblem), fertile soil, gold, halo of saints, and wise character! Twisted history transformed to Yellow-bellied, persecution in Nazi Germany, yellow canary-informer, warning....Yellow light! Image is 9.75h x 6.5w; on arches paper size 12h x 12w; mixed media - pastel, acrylics, pencil.