Lane Allmon

Lane Allmon
Principal at Morris-Berg Architects, Charlotte, NC

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, UNC Charlotte (2000)
Bachelor of Architecture, UNC Charlotte (2010)

Hometown: Asheboro, N.C.

Lane Allmon, AIA, NCARB, was recently made Principal at Morris-Berg in the firm's largest strategic leadership transition in 45 years. (Alum Tarik Hameed, Associate AIA, was also named Principal.) Recognized for leadership and management skills, he will continue to lead the firm’s business operations while ensuring the firm is fiscally responsible and efficiently managed.

Since his graduation from UNC Charlotte, Lane's architectural focus has been on K-12 and higher education projects. In fact, his work is evident right here on the UNC Charlotte campus, where he served as the architect for the Reese Financial Aid Office renovations and as project manager for the renovation of  and addition to Bissell House, the Chancellor's home.

Most recently Lane has been performing construction administration for the large Montgomery Central High School project (Montgomery County, North Carolina). This project sits on approximately 83 acres, with athletic fields and 180,000 square feet of traditional education space and 75,000 square feet of Career/Technical Education space. Even more challenging, it merges students from two current rival high schools! Fortunately, "the architecture program at UNC Charlotte taught me see the world through a different lens and recognize opportunities where many people see only problems," he says.

As he looks back at his time as an architecture student, he especially values the hands-on classes he took, such as furniture-making and sculpture. "These programs gave an outlet for design of small-scale objects that could be functional," he says. "I still use many of the projects I designed and fabricated in these programs."

While the architecture program at UNC Charlotte is both "challenging and fulfilling," Lane encourages students to take advantage of opportunities to learn out in the field: "Work with faculty and guest jurors, etc., to find those real-world experience opportunities - whether they are internships or volunteer opportunities."