Jane Cho

Jane outside in front of a fountain and cherry tree
Hometown: Cary, NC
B.A. in Music (applied instrument: Cello), B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Mass Media

How did you first get interested in music?

Growing up, I was always surrounded by music. I would wake up to the sound of classical music in elementary school, listen/watch musicals, and YouTubers such as the Piano Guys with my sisters all the time. I first got into cello when I was in sixth grade when I was given the choice to either learn an instrument or to take art in middle school. Since my sister chose to play violin, I wanted to play a string instrument too. I decided to start playing the cello and have continued it ever since! I especially loved the low range of it and how beautiful it sounded.

What kind of career do you hope to have?

I hope to have a career where I can help and connect with people while also being able to continue with music, whether that includes performing on the side or working in communications for a music organization.

What is your favorite thing about the Music Department?

My favorite thing about the music department is the community of students and faculty we have. I feel like I can be myself and at home knowing that I have a great support system in the department. If I need any help, I know that I have friends and faculty that I can turn to. I also feel so motivated by being surrounded by so many hardworking students who have similar passions as me. 

Do you participate in any community activities or work in the Charlotte arts community? 

I am a part of the Charlotte Strings Collective which is a conductor-less string orchestra made up of students, faculty, and alumni from 5 universities around the area as well as members of the Charlotte Symphony, local orchestra directors, freelance musicians, and private string teachers. We play music written by historic and current black composers, highlighting their work and talents that were not properly recognized due to racism. 

Do you have any merit/departmental scholarships?

I am a recipient of the Clara McKay and Charles H. Stone Scholarship in Music, which has allowed me to continue my studies in music here at UNC Charlotte. By providing me some financial coverage, I am able to focus more on my degree with less concerns. 

When you are not in class, studying, or working, what do you like to do for fun?

When I'm not in class or working I like to crochet or meet up with my friends to hangout! I love to visit different organizations that my friends are a part of. I also love visiting and supporting my friends in various departments and ensembles by going to their performances.