Danny Tulledge

Danny Tulledge
Senior Designer at ABC News

Education: BFA in Digital Media; Minor in Art History; Minor in Theater (2015)
Hometown: Tempe, Arizona

What is your current occupation?
After graduating, I worked as the design/visual communications manager at UNC Charlotte for almost two years. Then, I went on to FOX Sports where I helped launch their show "First Things First." After seven months there, ESPN approached me with a job opportunity and I worked there for almost two years. I then took a Senior Designer position with ABC News. Both ESPN and ABC News are owned by Disney. I love working for the company and plan to stay with them as I continue to move forward in my career. 

I am currently a Senior Designer at ABC News. I conceptualize and create graphics packages, animations, promos, logos, show opens, daily news graphics, transitions, templates etc. Anything that the station needs we create.

Danny on set at ABC news

What are some recent projects?
At ESPN, I was on an amazing team that worked on the rebrand of the show “First Take.” That was the first time I had a larger creative influence on a project of that scale. I ended up becoming the lead designer of that show, and it really created a sense of ownership. Our hard work paid off because we won a Promax Award!

How did your education at UNC Charlotte prepare you for where you are today?
My education at UNC Charlotte taught me to always push the boundaries. I learned how and why things work, but most importantly, how to apply them and problem-solve. I also learned how to take criticism.

Do you have any particularly special memories of your educational experiences here at UNC Charlotte?
I have so many, but my most meaningful experiences are from the faculty, specifically Heather Freeman and Jeff Murphy. They are both inspiring artists that pass on that artistic drive to their students. I highly recommend taking one of their classes. Also, Jeff Murphy makes the best salsa - ask him about it.

Danny at ESPN

What advice would you give prospective students looking into the Department of Art & Art History?
I would tell them three things:
1. The faculty and staff at UNC Charlotte are your key resources but YOU have to take advantage of those resources.
2. Be a team player and support your peers.
3. I know college is a hectic/stressful time but, CREATE MORE.