Craig Fincannon

President of Fincannon & Associates, Inc.

Bachelor of Creative Arts in Theatre, UNC Charlotte (1977)

Hometown: Asheboro, NC

Craig Fincannon's 40-year career in the movie business started right out of college, when, as manager for movie theaters for General Cinema Corporation, he launched and promoted a successful "Midnite Movie" campaign with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. His success prompted Columbia Pictures to ask Craig to represent their company for advertising and publicity in the southeastern United States. He established Fincannon & Associates, Inc. in August of 1979. The company has gone on to become a premier motion picture and television casting agency, with offices in Atlanta, New Orleans, and Wilmington (NC) and a resume of hundreds of film and TV projects around the world.

"As an actor, I was taught to listen," Craig says of his time at UNC Charlotte. "This has played a major role in my life." He also nurtured his love of movies and remembers fondly when the National Screen Service sent its stock of old movie posters to UNC Charlotte, after going out of business. "Suddenly thousands of posters arrived in hundreds of boxes and were stacked in the lobby of Rowe Arts. After deciding the school had nowhere to store them, they invited the student body to take all they wanted, then trashed the rest. Three of the Disney posters hang in my grand-daughter's room today."

Craig is a charter member of the North Carolina Governor's Film Council, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and the Casting Society of America. He is also a founding member of Cape Fear Filmworks, LLC, a small, independent production company producing documentaries and independent features. Now mostly retired from the day-to-day job of casting, he divides his time between Wilmington and Bald Head, NC, and is set to premiere a decade-long project at an upcoming major film festival.

Craig was named the 2018 CoA+A Distinguished Alumnus in Theatre.