Lambla Gallery

Located in the Thomas I. Storrs Building on the UNC Charlotte campus, the Lambla Gallery showcases professional and student work relating to the curriculum in the School of Architecture and the creative endeavors of the College of Arts + Architecture. The gallery was named the Lambla Gallery on May 14, 2021, in honor of Ken Lambla, professor emeritus and founding dean of the College of Arts + Architecture. Receive information about upcoming exhibitions!


Lambla Gallery is open Monday-Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Adam Justice, Director of Galleries:

current Exhibition

Migrating Borders
August 23-October 13

Events in recent years have prompted fervent discussions around the topic of borders. After decades of optimistic sentiments regarding globalization as a pathway to open societies without social, political or material boundaries, isolationistic tendencies are now on the rise. For many, both physical and immaterial borders (institutional or national) are seen as the most efficient remedies for mounting social, political and ecological crises. Others argue that borders are artificial, arbitrary, and rarely capable of addressing the roots of our most pressing contemporary problems. 

This exhibition begins with an examination of the practice of gerrymandering and then opens up the subject of borders and boundaries for reflection in a broader, more general context. Visitors are encouraged to move and rearrange fabric screens suspended in the gallery space and thus demarcate the borders of their own respective spaces. Just like maps of gerrymandered districts, the screens delineate often conflicting interests of the users of the space, creating a complex and disorienting labyrinth. Each time we manipulate the screens to gain personal space or freedom of movement, the spaces of other users are affected—possibly more confined or limited—which challenges them to either navigate the new order or change it.

Migrating Borders conveys the contrary dynamics inherent in architectural borders. On the one hand, by separating, they seek to organize and thus function as logical structures. On the other hand, as they are impositions on pre-existing social, economic, or natural conditions, they introduce fragmentation and disorder.

Project Designers:
Asstistant Professor of Architectural History 
Lidia Klein

Associate Professor of Architecture Marc Manack
Anna Gelich, Student Research Assistant

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