Community Requests

The College of Arts + Architecture promotes arts and design as engines of civic imagination and social equity through distinction in creative teaching and research, artistic performance, and community-driven work.

 In our effort to increase community research, learning and partnerships we accept project requests over the course of a 3-month period which are then subject to review, chosen and assigned to our College researchers and students.  Proposals that align with our aspirational commitment to artistic performance, art, and design as forms of civic action will be given the utmost consideration. Work that initiates or addresses conversations pertaining to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion among community is an integral part of our College’s strategic goals and student learning opportunity. 


Examples considered for this effort are:

  • Community murals
  • Community design/build efforts
  • Urban Design research studies
  • Cultural performances with community involvement

Requests are reviewed based on a measurable set of criteria:

  • Does the project serve the public?
  • Access to decision-makers for speedy decisions?
  • Within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region?
  • Are there measurable outcomes for the public good?
  • Is it achievable in one semester?
  • Are there educational outcomes for our students?
  • Is there funding to cover any expenses?

Schedule for application and selection process:

August 15-Dec. 15        August 15: Collaboration proposals due

January 30th                  Semi- Finalists selected and interview process begins

March 30th                    Interviews completed and secure COA+A partners

April 30th                       Secure paperwork and agreements

June-December            Projects executed in summer or Fall academic session


If you’re interested in being considered for a community project with the College, please fill out the hyperlinked request form and a COA+A representative will contact you.  If you have further questions, please contact

If you’re seeking student performers or entertainment for a short ‘gig’, you may utilize the University Career Center’s (Gigternships Submission) and they will post for you.