Integrated Design Research Lab

The mission of the Integrated Design Research Lab (IDRL) is to advance applied architectural research and knowledge through the dissemination of evidence-based investigation and proactive design leadership. The vision is to lead in design science and building technology and to strategically position the lab at the crossroads of innovative research, education, and architectural practice.

The Laboratory for Innovative Housing (LIH) is a partnership of IDRL and the Infrastructure, Design, Environment and Sustainability Center (IDEAS) in the Lee College of Engineering. The lab is a venue for students and faculty in architecture and engineering to collaborate on multidisciplinary research and teaching. The mission of LIH is to advance the development of housing that enriches society, sustains the environment, and meets economic needs.

The Daylighting + Energy Performance Laboratory (DEPL) is an applied research unit of IDRL. The lab is a venue for the exploration of daylighting and energy performance research, dissemination and design assistance. The mission of DEPL is to advance applied knowledge through the specific study of architectural energy systems and lighting technology research. 

The IDRL has received numerous grants to support research and development, including a 2017 AIA Upjohn Research Initiative Grant, two 2019 National Science Foundation Innovation Corp (NSF I-Corp) Grants, two 2020 NSF I-Corp Grants, and a 2020 NSF Small Business Technology Transfer Phase I (STTR) Grant

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