Sterling Bowen

Sterling sitting looking at a magazine in front of some pieces of art
Developer for Clean Energy and an Artist


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Cum Laude with Interdisciplinary Honors, UNC Charlotte (1996)

Hometown: Ahoskie, N.C.

Sterling Bowen began being interested in art, specifically abstract art, in high school, but "it was really during my years at UNC Charlotte that I began to think of myself as an artist," he says.

While at UNC Charlotte, Sterling says, "The Interdisciplinary Honors program was as important to me as my arts education. This class shaped my ability to think critically and creatively and instilled an appetite for lifelong learning."

Among his favorite  memories from his time on campus? "Sitting on the steps of the Rowe building and discussing the great themes of art with other students will forever be my favorite memory from life in the early '90s (my now wife was among this group, so clearly that is my favorite)."

After an extended break from painting, Sterling began making canvases again in 2018. "I've been working on and through a body of work that is an amalgam of site-specific installation and action painting that is still capturing my interest after several years." See his work here.

In addition to his work as a practicing artist, Sterling has a "day job" in the clean energy industry, working with American Efficient in Raleigh.  "I am fortunate to have worked with a number of great companies and I enjoy the travel, problem-solving, and mission-focus of being in this space." 

His advice for current students is, "The space you are in right now can be amazing and life changing if you are open, honest, and engaged in self improvement."