Myron Macklin

Myron Macklin
Staff Graphic Designer, UNC Charlotte

Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and Illustration, UNC Charlotte (1998)

Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC

Tell us a little about yourself! When did you first get interested in art?

Although I had some natural drawing ability as a kid, I never considered it until I got into comic books during my freshman year in high school. My best friend and I had dreams of making our own and so we both got into the art and storytelling aspects of them.

How did your education at UNC Charlotte prepare you for where you are today?

I thought making video games would be fun when I entered college, because I was also obsessed with them at the time. I studied computer science for a year, but then yearned for something more directly creative. I entered the art program with a limited understanding of what graphic design was. I had great professors who helped me shape the way I think about design and art in general. I was pushed to explore areas outside of my then interests. It was annoying at the time, but was invaluable in retrospect. I use what I learned then every day. It also helps that I'm able to articulate why and how I do what I do, which is not always the case when learning art.

What are some of your favorite projects you've worked on since graduating?

I really enjoyed working on the Light Rail elevator wraps project for the University. I worked on the branding and info panels for the inside door. It had amazing photography and printing. Everything came together so well with that one.

interior of elevator wrapped with cityscape photo

elevator designs by Myron Macklin

I also finished my graphic novel, The Zoo Act, since graduating. It was a difficult project to complete because of the amount of labor involved. Even still, it was a labor of love. There's some nice unforeseen benefits that came from that project. First, my daughter Priya was named after a character in the story. (My dog's name, Bai Lang which means white wolf in Chinese, was also a by-product of the story!) Second, I drew a scene that was almost an exact duplicate of my then girlfriend's (now my wife) living room, complete with bike and TV placement. And third, I was one of a handful of winners in a competition with thousands of other competitors. We won chance to work with comic creator/TV& Film producer Mark Millar.

cover and inside page from Myron Macklin's graphic novel, Zoo Act

Do you have any special memories from UNC Charlotte?

Many of my best memories were of being on the steps or halls of Rowe Arts. It was great to be amongst so many talented peers. Everyone was there to improve. It was inspiring for me.

Do you have any advice for current students in the College of Arts + Architecture?

Be obsessed with your crafts and enjoy the seasons of your life. Even the difficult times may be the ones you reminisce about.