Edelweiss Vogel

headshot of Edelweiss in front of art
Visual Art Teacher at The Brawley IB World School in Mooresville

BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Illustration, UNC Charlotte (2013)
K-12 Art Education Graduate Certificate, UNC Charlotte (2020)

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Edelweiss Vogel's love for art began when she was a young child in the Philippines. As her interest in this form began to grow, she decided to pursue it as a career. She then decided to come all the way to UNC Charlotte to learn from our amazing professors and expierence the wonderful community in the College of Arts + Architecture.  

"All professors at UNC Charlotte were helpful and supportive while I was an undergrad and grad student," Edelweiss says. "They're well experienced in their field, and they set high standards for their students. The most valuable experience was when they shared their own personal experience as a student and artist. They gave us insights and different paths that we can take as an artist. Even today, I can still talk to them and ask for advice."

She also appreciates the individualized educational opportunities she received. "I have a cross-disciplinary background in conceptual garment design. I was given an opportunity to create my own course under the supervision of Jamie Franki. It really helped me to think critically about my own work. I’m grateful for that opportunity."

Edelweiss is currently a visual art teacher at The Brawley IB World School in Mooresville, North Carolina, but before she returned to UNC Charlotte to earn her Graduate Certificate in Art Education, she had  a variety of fascinating jobs, including designing toys and household items. "I worked as a full-time patent illustrator for global companies. I was responsible for creating patent drawings that met the expectations and rules of practice set by the USPTO and EPTO. I provided technical drawing ranging from simple charts to complicated exploded perspective views, isometric and orthographic view construction, as well as general drafting and technical illustration. I also worked as a freelance artist. I did some projects for Lowe's Innovative Lab creating a storyboard for their app."

In addition to her teaching, she continues to have an impressive list of creative activities. "In my spare time, I enjoy making avant-garde dresses from unconventional and recycled/collected materials for fashion shows. One of my favorite projects for the fashion show was at the 2019 Paris Fashion Week in Paris hosted by Oxford Studio sponsored by Opera Carolina. My two dresses were made from Opera Carolina left-over flyers and magazines. I find inspiration in many things, from stylistic comic book art to the techniques of the past, like the Expressionist, Avant-Garde, and Art Deco styles. Last year, I created an artwork commissioned by the City of Charlotte Office of Equity, Mobility & Immigrant Integration in support of AAPI and to stand against racism. The artwork was wrapped on the back of 15 CATS (Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) city buses all across Charlotte Mecklenburg. 

I was also selected for the ArtPop Street Gallery Class of 2022 Cities Programs! My artwork is featured on billboards across Charlotte. Early this year, an advertising company in the Philippines featured my artwork. My illustration, titled 'T’nalak,' features the T’boli group, one of the native groups in my home country who are known for being 'dream weavers.' The headpiece was one of my hand-woven projects I created for my fiber art class when I was a student at UNC Charlotte. I also participated in the Upcycled Fashion show hosted by ArtPop. I created a dress made from a retired billboard created by my fellow ArtPop artist, Caroline Rust."

In February of 2024, Edelweiss was one of five chosen to present to take part in the United Nations Global Engagement Summit. She was invited by the United Nations of the U.S.A., Sanskriti Deva, to present five dresses in the unique Sustainable Fashion Showcase. Edelweiss comented, "My goal is to highlight the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines by blending elements from traditional pre-colonial garments with contemporary styles. What makes these avant-garde dresses truly special is their sustainable essence, created entirely from natural fiber such as cork, buri or reed (native grass in the Philippines) and recycled materials like retired vinyl billboards."

Edelweiss has this advice for our current students. "My advice for current students is to always challenge yourself, be productive and open to try new things, and set goals. Never give up!"