Theatre Student Clubs 2017-2018

Robinson Hall Players

The mission of The Robinson Hall Players is to enrich the students inside and outside of the UNCC Department of Theatre towards becoming articulate theatre artists through reading plays, critiquing auditions and portfolios in a workshop setting, traveling to professional theatres in the United States, and creating student-driven opportunities for production and performance.

President: Ginger Duchi
Vice President: Kianna Balla
Treasure: Madeline Faith Stacy
Faculty Advisor: Tom Burch

Theatre Students Writers Guild

The Theatre Students Writer’s Guild offers writers, readers, and word-enthusiasts alike the opportunity to meet, network, share playwriting/performance opportunities and discuss ways in which to improve. Throughout the semester, writers can dialogue, write in a creative setting, and showcase works-of-art or works-in-progress. Despite its name, The Writer’s Guild is also a perfect place for designers, dramaturgs, and directors to hear points-of-view they might have yet to consider, as well as actors to work on live readings and portray characters they may not be introduced to in the outside world. Writers are given two options: present their work in a forum of about 20 minutes each, or go on “reading dates” with a few trusted colleagues.

Coordinator: Wren Latham
Faculty Advisor: Lynne Conner

Aerial Artistry Contemporary Circus Troupe

AACCT gives students the opportunity to explore the contemporary circus arts, with a heavy emphasis on the aerial disciplines, in a safe and encouraging environment. AACCT members will develop new performance techniques within an enriching community of fellow performers. Through the exploration of circus and aerial arts, members will become stronger, learn their bodies, find their limits, and push past them. AACCT meets every Friday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm unless otherwise posted. Practices include stretching, conditioning and skill training in a progression to develop original choreography and contemporary circus-theatre scenes.   

President: Jacqueline Williams (Theatre major)
Vice President: Katie Harmon (Dance major)
Treasurer: Katie King (Dance major)
Secretary: Kayla Rivers (Theatre major)
Social Media Team: Kayla Rivers & Alyssa Allen (Theatre majors)
Faculty Advisor: Carlos Cruz