display of art- poles and triangle sculpture
March 16, 2023 - 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Lambla Gallery

Lambla Gallery hosts a reception for Beacon, an exhibition by Morgan Kinne.

Beacon tells a story.  Or several stories if you like.  Buildings naturally speak of contrasts, of opening and closing, revealing and concealing. They penetrate deep into the imagination and stimulate mystery, poetry, beauty and play.  Buildings are of course an extension of those who built them, and a house only holds meaning in its reference to humans.  Stories lie in the history, labor and structural intelligence of the built environment.  And in the end, life really is about stories. Sculptor Morgan Kinne constructs an ambient narrative through installation, sculpture and mixed media works using the building as a mode of communication.  Beacon is an invitation to enter the narrative.  Or alter it.  Or construct your own..

Morgan Kinne lives and works in Charleston, SC. She received her BFA in Sculpture from Winthrop University and her MFA in Contemporary Sculpture at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. In 2020, she was chosen as the Griffith-Reyburn Lowcountry Artist of the Year by the Coastal Community Foundation and was a finalist for the 701 CCA Prize.