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DanceNCommunity is an outreach project in South Asian dance forms across research, teaching, and service. It branches out of Dr. Kaustavi Sarkar’s research in community engagement. The project is a holistic attempt to engage with audiences, artists, educators, scholars, and community activists. It started as diasporic outreach in the Indian community residing in the United States and who are invested in South Asian arts practices. The project involves concert programming, informal sharing, community festivals, teaching, professional development opportunities for artists, standardized testing opportunities with India-based institutions, instituting an undergraduate fellowship in South Asian dance, and developing a journal (South Asian Dance Intersections) through UNC Charlotte Open Journal Systems. 

journal photoSouth Asian Dance Intersections Journal

South Asian Dance Intersections - South Asian Dance Intersections is a progressive, scholarly, blind peer-reviewed, and open-access journal which seeks to publish a unique blend of original high-quality research in scholarly, choreographic, contemporary, community-building, and technical explorations within South Asian dance and its interdisciplinary intersections.

Conferences for South Asian Dance Practitioners

Continuing Education at UNC Charlotte

Indian dance is a multiplicitous construct. It is a mosaic of infinite shades and possibilities across historical and contemporary contexts. This initiative by the Department of Dance at UNC Charlotte recognizes the plethora of Indian dance in the US diaspora. It offers a range of courses based on the heterogeneity of techniques, aesthetics, and pedagogies that characterize the landscape of Indian dance. Learn more about the Indian Classical Dance Pedagogy Certificate.

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DanceNCommunity Ensemble

The DanceNCommunity Ensemble is an ensemble of Odissi professionals from India, Canada, the UK, and the US.

  • Online sharing: Mar 27, 2021, in Sensate Technicities

  • Online sharing (upcoming): December 8, 2021